2018 CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships

2018 CCSA Swimming and Diving Championships

The 2018 CCSA Swimming Diving Championships return to Athens, Ga. and the campus of the University of Georgia. The meet will take place February 14-17 at the Gabrielson Natatorium.


4-Day Championship Pass ($35)

Single Day Pass ($15)

Youth (12 & under)
 -All-Session ($20)
 -Single Day Pass ($5)

To view the 2018 CCSA Swimming and Diving Championship Schedule, please click here.


Generic stream page address (listing will always show nearest upcoming events):

http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/

Note – if you select “CCSA Swimming & Diving” in the sports search filter box, only CCSA events will be listed (removing Big South games). 

Specific session direct links:

Feb.14, 3pm, Day 1, Dive Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3796

Feb.14, 6pm, Day 1, PM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3797

Feb.15, 10am, Day 2, AM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3798

Feb. 15, 6pm, Day 2, PM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3799

Feb. 16, 10am, Day 3, AM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3800

Feb. 16, 6pm, Day 3, PM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3801

Feb. 17, 10am, Day 4, AM Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3802

Feb. 17, 3pm, Day 4, 1650 Session: http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3803

Feb. 17, 5:40pm, Day 4, PM Session (Senior Salute, Finals, Awards): http://bigsouthsports.com/ watch/?Live=3804